The estimated Indian pre-paid recharge market is approx. INR 70,000 Crore/month. This figure has a substantial reason to motivate new-age entrepreneurs to join this fast-growing Royal Capital network. You can join Royal Capital as a retailer to ride the prosperity binge and unearth the potentials of this nearly untapped market place.

Royal Capital has its bold presence in as many 18 states of India with more than 5,000 retail touch points, which are the major revenue making spots in electronic voucher distribution segment in India. Royal Capital appoints retailers who do the business from their retail outlets and earn lucrative commissions. The commission rates offered are competitive and it offers an opportunity of keep earning commissions based on ongoing monthly business activity at a particular Royal Capital Retail Outlet.

Royal Capital India offers convenience and huge profit making opportunities to the retailers. We present an expanding range of electronic services designed to drive customers, increase sales and boost profits. Royal Capital India also offers solutions for delivery of its payment services.

Royal Capital’s major strength lies in the adaptability and user-friendliness of its software. In addition to the services in Mobile recharging and top-ups, TV recharges, ticket reservations, utility bill payment, Royal Capital India aims at providing excellence in the entire fields of utility services, thus bringing a whole world of opportunities for the retailers.

The advantages are countless and the profit is huge. This fact has been well acknowledged by our existing retailers. Few salient features are presented below:

Low Inventory Costs : Cards are stored electronically and printed in real time from the terminal. There is no hassle of maintaining a stock of plastic cards. This reduces the cost and has direct implications on the profit margin of the retailers.

Increased Stock Security : When cards are stored electronically, the chance of theft and fraud are dismal. This has another reason for the retailers to switch over to electronic distribution system rather relying on traditional plastic cards.

Ready Stock All the time : The electronic voucher distribution has the biggest advantage of availability of stock all the time. There is indeed no case of shortage of stock and failure to realize sales. With the electronic PIN distribution, the MAZIK server can supply any product at any time. This while ensures the product availability, is a major component of cost saving and increase the profit margin.

Automated Reporting System : Yet another example of user-friendliness and convenience is the automatic reporting and reconciliation system. There is no need for counting inventories; the system keeps record of all your inventories consumed.

Value Added Services : We at Royal Capital India intend to touch most of the day- to- day requirement of an individual customer at a near-by location. Customers will be able to buy bus tickets or any kind of value added services which he or she desires for would be available for him or her. This while gets you more loyal customers, maximizes your profit too.

Utility Bill payment : Royal Capital India allows paying all the residential and commercial utility bills at one store. Payments can be made using Cash/Cheque as per customers convenient. Royal Capital provides all its services 365X24 days a year.

Joining Royal Capital is like entering the world of prosperity and which is not cumbersome at all. You need to provide a satisfactory set of accounts and should have a Broadband Internet service access. Royal Capital provides all support and guidance that you may need to make big and earn huge in the emerging segment of electronic voucher distribution system.


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